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Website design & development

Most Popular Questions

These are the most popular questions we get asked when people inquire about our website design.

We do custom website design that is built to last, this is done on multiple CMS but our preferred one is WordPress as it is the best solution in our opinion for your website. We do work with other CMS as well as do full stack development.

We aim for a timeline or 4-7 business days if we were given everything we needed. However, many times clients like to be apart of the designing process which can extend times to up to 6 weeks depending on availability of the client. 

Absolutely, in fact we even offer an hour long training session after purchase for you to utilize the WordPress platform. This is yet another reason we prefer WordPress as it is easy for everybody! 

Yes, all our designs are made with all device types in mind to ensure complete optimization of viewing experience. 

Yes, we can revamp existing websites to modernize the design, improve functionality, and ensure compatibility with the latest web standards. This can be complex or simple depending on needs.

Local SEO

Most Popular Questions

These are the most popular questions we get asked when people inquire about our local SEO.

Local SEO is where we optimize your local online presence to attract from customers from local searches. These are the "near me" searches that take roughly 42% of all Google searches. It is crucial for small businesses trying to compete with the bigger players in the area.

We perform off-site optimization through multiple business listings, backlinking, press releases, and much more. We also offer on-page setup, but if you purchased a custom website from us it is already SEO optimized!

Typically you might start to see improvements in your local search within a few months. SEO if an ongoing process that requires continuous efforts to sustain success.

Absolutely, one of the main aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to help you show higher in local search results.

Yes, listing optimization and management is included in every SEO package we offer. We also do Bing, Apple Maps, and more.

Website management

Most Popular Questions

These are the most popular questions we get asked when people inquire about our website management.

Our website management can be multiple things such as updating content, ensuring the site remains secure against cyber threats, improving site performance and loading times, backing up data, and making sure the site is compliant with SEO best practices. We also offer hosting and domain management.

This depends mostly on your business if you are a photographer you should keep it up to date with new photos you've taken recently, if you are a solar company who only offers one set item at a price, it can be pretty hands off. Just make sure you always keep the software up to date to protect against exploits.

Absolutely, one of the main issues with website speed is the server it is hosted on. We offer lightning fast hosting, content delivery networks, as well as caching, minimizing code, and image size reduction to help server load. 

Website security is super important to keep customer trust and protect any sensitive information that might be stored on it. We ensure this with regular audits, updating software, securing firewalls, and much more.

Of course analytics can be a part of our management as you'd like. We also keep an eye on your Google Search Console for critical issues.